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Halloween in Hooper

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

(Update: It's with great sadness and disappointment that I announce that the publisher of this book has gone out of business. The book, along with my novel TVILLING, will not be happening after all. Thank you to everyone who helped cheer this project on.)

The publisher for my upcoming novel is working on something quite amazing for next year's Halloween season, and I'm included!

HALLOWEEN IN HOOPER is a holiday-themed anthology set in the small English town of Hooper, and things aren't exactly what they seem to be -- especially on All Hallow's Eve...

Stay tuned for more information on this Giles Press title. It appears I'm in some VERY good company!

I'll be joining writers Richard Chizmar, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jeff Strand, John D. Taff, Ramsey Campbell, T.J. Tranchell, Gabino Iglesias, Lisa Morton, Christopher Buehlman, Jeff Howard, Jennifer Soucy, and Gemma Amor. Many are my all-time faves.

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