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What's in a Name: Introducing Linsey Knerl

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Been to this site before? Noticed that it was named something else?

After what seemed like a most agonizing decision, I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to use a pen name. Most people know me as Linsey. It's how I've formed my friendships within the dark fiction and publishing community. It's also a natural leap from my career as a non-fiction writer and journalist.

I won't be going by that other name, and I've had the frantic experience of contacting all the publishers and outlets that had work of mine ready to go soon to let them know that I want to be mentioned by my real name. They were all really easy-going about it, and (if I can be honest) I think they were pleased by the decision.

Part of making sure a book sells well and has good traction is knowing that your writers can promote it naturally. Starting over with a pen name meant no social media footprint and a very small, untested platform. Using my real name assures that I can continue doing what I do online with these books and projects; they can naturally piggy-back off of the buzz I get for other work I do.

It's the best way forward, and I'm glad to be here -- as Linsey Knerl.


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